Customer Value

The sales cycle needs to complete each revolution with a rebooking and ExpoCMS is engineered to help.


ExpoCMS helps prospective Exhibitors to find your event easily and become part of of your event data.


Activating Exhibitors individually, via import or CRM integration, starts an automated chain of events making participation seamless.


Exhibitors can easily add deep searchable content, helping to make the event website a valuable resource for visitors.


ExpoCMS is designed to deliver a great Exhibitor experience with measurable results to endear your customers to your brand

Summary sales & exhibitor functionality

  • Unlimited customisable enquiry forms
  • Personalised form autoresponders
  • Enquiry data collection
  • Enquiry email notifications
  • Custom reporting
  • CRM integration
  • Exhibitor management
  • Unlimited marketing package variables
  • Exhibitor permssion management
  • Filter by any data held
  • Variable Exhibitor list layouts
  • Contact email verifcation
  • Press release verification
  • Floorplan integration
  • Secure Exhibitor area with native language options
  • Account creation and password management
  • Welcome email management
  • Deep profile management
  • Technical operations management
  • Marketing resources
  • Product management
  • Profile performance data
  • Content tagging
  • Parent / pavillion / sharer management
  • SEO friendly company and product profiles
  • Visitor favourites
  • Registration SSO integrations
  • On-site Service Supplier SSO integrations

Event website or 365 day industry resource? Both!

Organic traffic for all event websites that move to ExpoCMS increases, some with remarkable results, naturally enhancing the event value proposition in every respect.

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It's not so much what we do, it's more the way that we do it