ExpoCMS Evolution

Development Timeline

ExpoCMS was designed and developed from scratch by the Event Applications team in Microsoft .NET, a dynamic software environment for creating fast, secure and scaleable database driven applications.

We were originally briefed to provide a client with a website CMS specifically for event marketing and exhibitor management, integrated email marketing & tracking, multiple language capability and integrated database reporting. But with the future firmly in mind, we structured ExpoCMS to easily evolve to deliver new, connected functionality as and when required.

Our strategy of investing heavily in original development, as oppose to saving time by cloaking a 3rd party generic CMS platform, means that there is no devil in the detail. We are in control of every aspect of the code and data, and so can deliver agile development without the fragility.

The results? High performance, event specific software. Fast support, service and development timeframes. Unlimited opportunity.

Below is a brief overview of the evolution of ExpoCMS to date but there is so much more - 58 USPs that we have been made aware of - and we'd love to show you how your event can benefit!


  1. N200 GES Exhibitor SSO
  2. Coming soon: Visitor intelligence
  3. Coming soon: Exhibitor insights
  4. Coming coming: Recommended content


  1. Exhibitor SSO integration - Freeman EA (realtime live data)
  2. Exhibitor SSO semi-integration - livebuzz exhibitor registration (requires manual data transport)
  3. Virtual visitor favourites
  4. Permanent visitor favourites for access on all devices
  5. Visitor planner floorplan integration (Floorplan Live) - virtual and permanent (realtime live data)
  6. Track to source campaign montoring
  7. E-commerce integration - Realex
  8. Lead retrieval data integration - D8tahound (realtime live data)
  9. Portfolio management - Multiple websites, domains & data in one CMS admin area


  1. Conference Mangement
  2. Speaker Management / self profile management
  3. CRM integration - Integra / Open Engage (realtime live data)
  4. Delegate bookings / group bookings / pricing variables / data integration / payments
  5. E-commerce integration - Bucksnet
  6. Delegate user accounts
  7. Conference content downloads with payments
  8. Sponsor management / self profile managementt
  9. Registration data integration - ShowData


  1. Exhibitor SSO integration - GES Operations manual
  2. Competition module / entrant accounts / entry payments / results
  3. E-commerce integration - Barclays EPDQ
  4. Awards module / entrant accounts / judging / results
  5. Registration data integration - WRS
  6. Exhibitor profile visit intelligence
  7. Exhibitor / Visitor website messaging
  8. Meet the buyer application / VIP selection & approval


  1. Expanded exhibitor profiles
  2. CRM integration: MSGL / Elan
  3. Exhibitor parent / pavillion / sharer management
  4. Exhibitor product management
  5. Visitor planner / website accounts / itinerary management
  6. Expanded visitor filters
  7. Postcode search
  8. Exhibitor / speaker / conference content tagging

2009 - 2013

  1. Client requests for a modern event CMS solution with immediate support and service
  2. ExpoCMS devloped: a bespoke, user friendly platform including multiple language site management, exhibitor management & zone, news management, RSS management, calendar management, image gallery management, SEO metadata management, system email management, integrated email marketing, integrated Google Analytics and live custom data reports
  3. Exhibitor zones and welcome emails in multiple languages
  4. Exhibitor e-commerce for self service website profile upgrades
  5. E-commerce integrations - WorldPay, PayPal, SagePay
  6. Blog module
  7. Auto personalised event promotion graphics
  8. Online visitor registration
  9. Vistor ticket purchases
  10. Floorplan integration - exhibitor profile data to Floorplan Live (realtime live data)
  11. CRM integration - Salesforce / Microsoft Dynamics (realtime live data)

Event website or 365 day industry resource? Both!

Organic traffic for all event websites that move to ExpoCMS increases, some with remarkable results, naturally enhancing the event value proposition in every respect.

If you're looking for substance over soundbite, just get in touch!

It's not so much what we do, it's more the way that we do it