Give your data a realtime environment


Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Hubspot, Open Engage & more
All Exhibitor, Visitor, Delegate and Speaker data live across the stack



ExpoCMS and Floorplan Live can connect to suit your strategy, to provide a live sales, Exhibitor profile and Visitor planning environment.

Contractor SSO

On-site Services SSO

GES and Freeman
One login for Exhibitors with seamless access to on-site services from the event website Exhibitor area

Registration SSO

WRSN200 GES, CircData & Livebuzz
Seamless Exhibitor access to registration and lead retrieval services from one login

Core event data managed

ExpoCMS is engineered to integrate with any data source, in any direction, to eliminate the inefficiencies and costs of manual data transport.

With your core CRM and website data synchronised and connected to your interactive floorplan, registration and on-site service supplier applications, everybody enjoys an accurate and convenient digital experience.

Marketing enhancement

Layering marketing intelligence tech into websites running on ExpoCMS is easy.

In addition to our own Google Analytics integration and track to source registration campaign functionality, we have also worked with feathr, DoubleClick and InGo.

To take a look or request new integrations with your preferred suppliers, give us a call to discuss.

Event website or 365 day industry resource? Both!

Organic traffic for all event websites that move to ExpoCMS increases, some with remarkable results, naturally enhancing the event value proposition in every respect.

If you're looking for substance over soundbite, just get in touch!

It's not so much what we do, it's more the way that we do it