Why Choose ExpoCMS?

ExpoCMS is a purpose built event website content and data management software platform requiring no technical knowledge to manage.

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Microsoft software working natively with our servers and databases to give your websites a stable environment.

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A light, secure and fast-loading application offers a great experience for visitors, exhibitors and content managers.

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Hosting that is secure, robust and as scaleable to give you peace of mind, whatever your needs.

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Manage your site structure, pages, content, files, attendees and data without the guesswork.

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Bespoke design for your event content presented beautifully on all devices.

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ExpoCMS helps you to build and manage data in a variety of ways, helping you to deliver targeted content.

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The ExpoCMS database is designed to share event data live with all of your software applications.

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Improve the experience for your visitors, the value for your exhibitors, generate revenue and drive event growth.

The practical benefit of choosing to deploy ExpoCMS behind your event website is time:

  • Software - Fast loading, bespoke, data driven applications
  • Issue resolution - Having developed ExpoCMS in-house, we can resolve any issues that may arise quickly
  • Evolution - ExpoCMS can be extended to serve any purpose
  • Data integration - Eliminate manual data transport between applications
  • Support - Immediacy when client support is required
  • Natural SEO - Websites structured to be totally SEO friendly to promote all of your content and your event
  • Administration - Live editing environment designed to reduce administration time
  • Exhibitor experience - Exhibitors can contribute deep, searchable profile content with ease to promote their business and your event
  • Visitor experience - Logical navigation and extensive content filters help visitors to find and save relevant content quickly
  • Speaker experience - The task of collating and managing speaker information is eliminated through self management
  • Languages - Global language capability and unlimited alternative language subsites in one administration area
  • Subsites - Multiple individually branded event subsites in one platform
  • Portfolio CMS - Multiple individually branded websites with primary domains in one platform
  • Data building, management and reporting - Create bespoke reports on all data, share and integrate
  • Communication management - Unlimited administration managed email for responding to all user actions
  • Analysis - Overview performance analytics

Saved time = efficiency + convenience

To see an overview of the evolution of ExpoCMS functionality, click here

The Bottom Line

Your event website is the 365 day window to your event brand 

Attendees want to find, navigate and save their favourite content with ease - before, during and after the event

Exhibitors and sponsors want to plan their attendance and maximise their business promotion opportunity with the utmost convenience to create a sales channel

Event teams want to manage content and data with a minimum of effort

We help to maximise your opportunity

Event website or 365 day industry resource? Both!

Organic traffic for all event websites that move to ExpoCMS increases, some with remarkable results, naturally enhancing the event value proposition in every respect.

If you're looking for substance over soundbite, just get in touch!

It's not so much what we do, it's more the way that we do it